Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Hi. Here is the most common asked questions and we will add more if we receive more questions in the future. If you can't find your answer here, please ask us on our contact us form, and we are happy to answer. 

Q: Are my credit card safe to use?
A: We use Paypal and Stripe to handle transactions, and no credit card info is given to us. Both Paypal and Stripe is highly recognized companies and is safe to use.

Q: Will I get much spam email after I give away my email here? 
A: Your email is 100% safe and we will never give it away or sell it. We will only use it to send updates regarding your order and news regarding My Outdoor Shop. You can of course at any time unsubscribe from our list.

Q: Do you sell and ship worldwide? 
A: Yes, we do ship worldwide with some exceptions. Some countries have so high shipping costs that we are unable to deliver. 

Q: I have two coupon codes, but only one work. Why? 
A: If you have two coupon codes, only one will work. If you want to use both you have to buy two times.

Q: When will you ship my order? 
A: We will process your order and contact our supplier(s) for delivery as fast as possible and you get a mail when this is done. Shipping is usually 2-5 business days after confirmation email.

Q: I have just ordered, but I have changed my mind. May I cancel the order? 
A: We will do our best to cancel the order and give you a full refund. If the order is shipped you need to return the product once received for a refund.

Q: What do it cost for shipping cost. 
A: It varies on the product and the country you want to send it to. 

 Q: When will I receive my item(s)? 

A: It depends on the product and where it is shipped from. We usually use promotional shipping and the usual shipping time is in the table below. Shipping to some countries may take as much as 8 weeks. Usually shipping time for some countries is in the table below: 

Due to vacation, some delays may occur both before shipping and from shipment to shipping confirmation is sent.

Q: I want to track my order, is it possible? 
A: Some products are shipped with tracking available. You can ask us and we will provide a tracking number if available.

Q: I ordered multiple items but got only one, where are the other items I ordered? 
A: To keep the cost down we order directly from our suppliers. Since we have multiple suppliers the items may come in multiple packages at different times.