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Want to enjoy the outdoors and need some information how to start your camping adventure with your family?

Camping in nature is one of the most popular outdoor activities and provides an opportunity for many to experience wildlife up close. 

No more expensive vacations

Don't want to waste lots of money on another expensive family holiday? Want to experience something new? Want to get away from the crowded city-life with asphalt and concrete surroundings? And the noisy environment? Are you watching nature programs on tv and longing for some green view and quiet life? 

Are you looking for a family vacation that is easy on your wallet and will provide you with lasting memories? Then Off We Go Camping will be a great report for you. If you do it correctly, the initial cost is low for this type of vacation, and you can upgrade your gear as you need it. With a bit of knowledge, the chance of a successful camping trip is very high, and this will be an activity that you and your family will enjoy.

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Camping with your family

Camping is one of the most favored recreational activities. Every year millions of people go outside to experience the nature and wildlife. People love the outdoors since they can get away from the civilization and also to just be together with the family without all the modern devices. To see each other without a smartphone or tablet in their hands. Just have a great time together. 

If you are new to camping and don't know how to plan one, then Off We Go Camping is what you need. Go camping is easy, but like almost every other vacation, you need to prepare and have the basics to enjoy it to most. In this book you will learn about: 

*Choosing the best season for going camping
*Getting the ideal tent
*Finding the proper backpacks for your needs
*Picking the most comfortable sleeping bag
*How to build a fire
*Bringing the best types of food
*Enjoying numerous camping activities
*Being responsible and safe
*Having fun even on the road

If you are intermediate camper and want to expand your knowledge, I'm sure you will find a with a few extra tips in this report. Just check the table of contents below!

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Table of Contents
Introduction ................. 4
The Four Seasons (Summer Camping) ......... 5
Winter Camping .................. 6
Fall & Spring Camping ................. 7
Choosing The Best Tent .............. 8
Backpacks & Rucksacks ............ 10
Sleeping Bags .......... 11
Building a Campfire ............ 13
Food Choices For Camping ........ 15
Camping Activities ............ 17
Lay The Rules .......... 20
The Road-Trip! .......... 21
Have Fun! ................ 22

Off We Go Camping



This is the most thorough and straightforward guide you'll ever need. You don't need to deal with hotels and air travel nor visit another country to get a few lasting memories with the family. All you need is out there in the beautiful natural world, just waiting for your discovery!

So if you're ready to have some real fun and take your family on the journey of a lifetime, then Off We Go Camping will help you get started!





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