15 in 1 Survival Bracelet

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Our paracord bracelet is lightweight and comfortable on your wrist. Equipped with 15 useful functions that will meet the most survivalists wishes. 

Main Features:

  • Multifunction: The 15-IN-1 bracelet for survival, hiking, or camping is a high-quality long-lasting product! It comes with a Compass, an emergency whistle, a temperature gauge, a flint fire starter inside the buckle (which also can be used as an emergency cutting knife), plus stainless steel tools that neatly hide inside the device. Its emergency whistle creates noise levels of up to 100db, which can be heard for long distances should you need to summon help. 
  • Paracord rope: Our bracelet is made of approximately 12 feet of tough paracord rope. It's is made of ultra-strong, military-grade 550 nylon material. You can use it as fishing line, sewing string, to tie equipment's or other situations where a strong rope is needed
  • Lightweight & Comfortable: Our bracelet weighing only 1.4 ounces and fits comfortable on most wrist sizes. 
  • Useful: Our handy and useful bracelet is an indispensable survival accessory for any walking excursion, camping, fishing, hiking, biking or hunting trip.

Item specifics:

  • Weight: 1.7oz | 50g
  •  Functions:
    • 2 x Cross Screwdriver
    • 2 x Straight screwdriver
    • Monkey spanner
    • 2 wrench screwdriver
    • Site tool
    • Serrated blade
    • Compass
    • Whistle
    • temperature gauge
    • paracord

Package Contents:

1 x 15 in 1 Survival Bracelet