Cycling Reflective Safety Vest With Turn Signal

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A great safety vest for you who travel much in cities. A manual remote control attached to your arm or handle will signal your chosen direction on your back. 
  • Make running and biking safer - A wearable electric light for your torso, it's the safest option for visibility when traveling roadside day or night.
  • Main Function: Turn signal for bike riding, traveling, hiking, etc
  • Wear it in the rain - Made of a soft, comfortable, and waterproof polyester you can wear in the elements.
  • Three signals - Use it to indicate you're turning right, left, or set it for blinking warning so vehicles and other cyclists can see you.


  • Size: 24cm x 24cm
  • Weight: 6,6 Pounds | 0,3 kg
  • Material: Nylon